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Welcome to Hailsham House – Excellence in Care Across East Sussex

Nestled in the tranquil surroundings of the BN27 postcode, Hailsham House offers a homely and secure environment for those requiring residential, dementia, and nursing care. Conveniently located within easy reach of Eastbourne, Brighton, Tunbridge Wells, and Hastings, our care home is ideally positioned to serve families across East Sussex, providing peace of mind that expert care is just around the corner.

Dedicated Care and Support

At Hailsham House, our commitment is to provide 24-hour care tailored to the individual needs of each resident. Our teams of compassionate and highly skilled professionals use state-of-the-art technology and digital care planning software to enhance the quality of care we deliver. This ensures that we focus on what truly matters – the wellbeing and comfort of our residents.

A Vibrant Community

Life at Hailsham House is about more than just care; it’s about living well. Our award-winning gardens and spacious, well-appointed communal areas, including lounges, a café, and a hair salon, provide perfect settings for relaxation and socialisation. Managed by our dedicated ‘Wellbeing’ coordinators, our vibrant activities programme promises enriching events and entertainment, seven days a week, encouraging both residents and their families to engage in a fulfilling community life.

Hailsham House isn’t just a care home; it’s a vibrant community where every resident is respected, valued, and cared for with dignity. We pride ourselves on creating a warm and inclusive atmosphere where every day is lived to the fullest.

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Types of care

  • Dementia care

    We specialise in providing empathetic dementia care within our nurturing care homes. Our team understands that dementia can bring unique challenges and our approach is rooted in patience and understanding. Our care homes are carefully designed to create an environment that supports the needs of individuals living with dementia, offering familiarity and comfort.

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  • Nursing care

    We take pride in offering compassionate nursing care within our well-equipped care homes. Our goal is to provide a haven of support for individuals who require specialised medical attention in a supportive environment. Our care homes are designed to ensure that residents receive the highest quality of care while enjoying a sense of familiarity and belonging.

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  • Residential care

    Our residential care provides a warm and supportive environment for residents who may need extra assistance and companionship in their daily lives. Residents are surrounded by caring staff and fellow residents who become like extended family. Individuals can receive help with tasks such as bathing, dressing, and medication management, all while enjoying the privacy and comfort of their own personal space.

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  • Respite care

    We offer a supportive solution for caregivers through our respite care services, where compassion is at the centre of everything we do. We understand that caregiving can be a rewarding yet demanding journey, which is why we offer support in our nurturing care homes. Our respite care serves as a temporary haven, allowing caregivers to take a well-deserved break while their loved ones receive professional care in a warm and welcoming environment.

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State-of-the-art facilities

At Hailsham House we pride ourselves on integrating state-of-the-art technology to elevate the care we offer to our residents. Our facility is equipped with cutting-edge tools designed to enhance the safety, comfort, and independence of everyone in our care.

Advanced Digital Care Planning with ‘Nourish’

Our use of the innovative digital care planning software, Nourish, allows our team to record, plan, and coordinate personalised care efficiently and effectively. With Nourish, we ensure that care records are kept secure and accurate, aiding better decision-making across our team. This powerful tool enables real-time updates and collaborations, significantly reducing time spent on administrative tasks and allowing more quality time for engaging with our residents on what truly matters—their wellbeing and happiness.

Responsive Care with Medicare Nurse Call System

Safety and responsiveness are paramount at Hailsham House. Our Medicare nurse call system is a testament to our commitment to resident safety and independence. Equipped with call buttons, pendants, sensitive pressure mats, and PIR sensors, our system ensures that assistance from our dedicated team is just a push of a button away. This technology helps us maintain a vigilant watch over our residents’ needs, particularly for those requiring greater support, and minimises the risk of accidents such as trips and falls.

Seamless Connectivity with Home-Wide WIFI

Recognising the growing importance of connectivity in today’s digital age, Hailsham House offers comprehensive WIFI coverage throughout the facility. This ensures that our digital care systems function seamlessly and that residents, along with their families and friends, stay connected with the world around them. Whether it’s video calling loved ones, enjoying online entertainment, or engaging with interactive health platforms, our robust WIFI network supports it all, ensuring that technology enhances the living experience at our home.

At Hailsham House, our commitment to incorporating advanced technology is part of our dedication to providing a safe, comfortable, and vibrant community for our residents. Join us and experience the difference of modern care in a homely environment.

Well-appointed rooms

Find comfort and privacy in the well-appointed rooms at Hailsham House, each thoughtfully designed to provide a sanctuary of peace and tranquillity for our residents. Our rooms are not just spaces; they are individual retreats where residents can relax, reflect, and feel completely at home.

Spacious and Personalised Living Spaces

Each room at Hailsham House is spacious and furnished to high standards, ensuring that residents have ample room to live comfortably. The tasteful décor creates a soothing environment, ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation. Recognising the importance of personal touches, we encourage our residents to bring cherished items from home to personalise their spaces, making them feel truly connected to their surroundings.

Enhanced Comfort with En-Suite Facilities

Many of our rooms feature en-suite facilities, including modern ‘wet room’ style bathrooms, offering the ultimate in convenience and accessibility. These en-suite bathrooms are designed with safety and ease of use in mind, providing residents with privacy and independence in their personal care routines.

At Hailsham House, we understand that the environment in which one lives is key to their wellbeing. That’s why we strive to create living spaces that are not only functional but also enrich the lives of our residents.

Variety of room sizes

At Hailsham House, we understand that each resident has unique needs and preferences when it comes to their living space. That’s why we offer a diverse range of room sizes, ensuring that everyone can find the perfect fit for their lifestyle and comfort.

Spacious Accommodation for Individuals and Couples

Our rooms are designed to cater to various needs, with larger options available that provide ample space for a more expansive living experience. These larger rooms are ideal for residents who appreciate extra space for personal belongings, mobility aids, or simply enjoy a more generous living area to call their own.

Perfect for Couples

Recognising the importance of companionship, we are pleased to offer rooms that can comfortably accommodate couples. These spaces allow partners to stay together and continue their life’s journey in the supportive and caring environment of Hailsham House. Our couple-friendly rooms ensure that both individuals have ample space while sharing their daily experiences in a comfortable, personal setting.

Our commitment at Hailsham House is to provide a home-like atmosphere where all residents feel completely at ease and valued. Whether choosing a room for individual use or as a couple, our variety of room sizes means that every resident can find the perfect space to enhance their quality of life.

Diverse common spaces

At Hailsham House, we believe in creating vibrant communal spaces that cater to the diverse interests and preferences of our residents. Our communal areas are thoughtfully designed to provide comfort, encourage social interaction, and support a variety of recreational activities.

Relax and Socialise

Our care home features a selection of cosy sitting rooms where residents can relax and enjoy quiet moments or engage in lively social interactions. These welcoming spaces are perfect for catching up with friends, enjoying a good book, or simply unwinding in a comfortable and homely setting.

Pursue Passions and Hobbies

For those who enjoy hobbies and creative pursuits, Hailsham House offers dedicated areas designed to inspire and facilitate activities. Whether it’s arts and crafts, music, or any other interest, our spaces are equipped to support residents in engaging with their passions and exploring new ones.

Hair & Beauty Salon with Nail Bar

Enhancing wellbeing and providing opportunities for pampering and self-care, our care home boasts a fully equipped hair and beauty salon complete with a nail bar. Residents can enjoy a range of beauty treatments and hairstyling services designed to make them feel their best, all within the comfort of their home environment.

Spaces for Family and Friends

Understanding the importance of family connections, Hailsham House provides a variety of welcoming spaces where visiting family and friends can come together. These areas are designed to make every visit enjoyable and comfortable, helping to maintain and strengthen the bonds that are so important to our residents.

At Hailsham House, our diverse communal spaces are more than just areas within our home; they are key to the vibrant community life that defines our ethos. By offering a range of spaces for relaxation, socialisation, and personal interests, we ensure that every resident can find their own favourite spot to enjoy.

Elegant dining rooms

At Hailsham House, we understand that dining is more than just a necessity—it’s an experience to be savoured and enjoyed. We are proud to offer a variety of dining options that cater to the tastes and needs of all our residents, ensuring that each meal is not only nutritious but also a highlight of the day.

Varied Dining Settings

Our dining areas are thoughtfully designed to cater to various preferences and needs. Residents can select from cosy, family-style settings—ideal for those who cherish the warmth and intimacy of shared meals with friends—or opt for our restaurant-style dining, which offers the flexibility of choosing directly from the menu. All meals are meticulously prepared by our fantastic kitchen team, ensuring a delightful dining experience every time.

Tailored to Resident Needs

Each dining area is set up with the comfort and accessibility of our residents in mind. Whether it’s accommodating dietary restrictions or providing assistance during meals, our staff are always on hand to ensure that every dining experience is comfortable, dignified, and enjoyable.

A Focus on Quality and Variety

Mealtime at Hailsham House is about variety and choice. Our menus are carefully planned to ensure a balanced diet, incorporating seasonal ingredients and catering to a wide range of dietary preferences. Residents can look forward to different menus, themed meals, and special culinary events that make dining at Hailsham House an eagerly anticipated part of the day.

Landscaped gardens

At Hailsham House, our gardens are much more than just outdoor spaces—they are beautifully designed sanctuaries where residents can enjoy nature’s tranquillity. Our award-winning landscaped gardens provide a perfect setting for relaxation, social activities, and cherished moments with friends and family.

A Haven of Beauty and Peace

Our gardens are carefully tended to create a series of picturesque landscapes that offer both beauty and functionality. With inviting patios and comfortable seating areas, residents can enjoy the outdoors in style, whether they’re basking in the sunshine, enjoying a cool breeze, or engaging in a pleasant conversation.

Engaging and Inclusive Gardening Activities

The nurturing of our gardens is a collaborative effort, with many residents taking pride in contributing to the gardening activities. These activities not only allow residents to engage in a fulfilling hobby but also help in maintaining the vibrant blooms and lush greenery that make our gardens so special.

Safe and Secure Areas for All Residents

Safety is paramount in all areas of our home, including our gardens. We have designed several safe and secure garden areas specifically to support our residents living with dementia. These spaces allow residents to enjoy the outdoors while ensuring their security and peace of mind.

Recognised Excellence

Our commitment to creating beautiful and therapeutic outdoor environments was recognised when Hailsham House won the Aurem Care In Bloom competition in 2023. This accolade is a testament to the dedication of our staff and residents who together create and maintain these stunning garden spaces.

Quality care

Meet the team


Rui Santos

A Message from Rui, Our Home Manager

Welcome to Hailsham House, where care meets compassion and every resident is part of our family. Our team isn’t just made up of highly skilled care professionals; we are a family of dedicated individuals passionate about making a difference in the lives of those we care for.

At Hailsham House, we believe in creating a nurturing environment that feels like home. Our approach goes beyond providing professional care; it’s about building a warm community where every resident feels a strong sense of belonging. We take the time to get to know each person who walks through our doors, understanding their personal stories, preferences, and needs. This deep personal connection helps us tailor our care to ensure that each resident not only receives the care they deserve but also feels truly valued and understood.

Our commitment is to ensure that every day is filled with moments of joy and comfort for our residents and their loved ones. Whether it’s through a carefully chosen activity, a favourite meal, or simply a thoughtful conversation, we strive to make every day special. Our team works with heart, dedication, and a commitment to excellence, ensuring that we deliver extraordinary care and create memorable experiences for everyone at Hailsham House.

Join us at Hailsham House, where we make every day count, offering our residents not just a place to live, but a place to thrive.


We know that funding your care home stay is the biggest worry that many of our residents have. We’ve compiled a list of many of the questions and answers in our help and advice section. You can see those here.



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  • Such outstanding staff that continuously smiled

    My mother was admitted in July 2022 and died in November 2022.

    We feel she was in the best place for the few months that she was in their care. I could not have been more pleased with the care she got at Hailsham House. The staff were exceptional, and all involved in her care were wonderful to her. 

    Always showing their best to her. I am sure it wasn’t easy as my mother was not necessarily an easy person to get on. It was reassuring to have such outstanding staff that continuously smiled and went out of their way to be helpful to her.

    I am eternally grateful to Hailsham House for making her last days comfortable. What more could be asked for?

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