Discover the Power of Creativity at Westbank Care Home

Discover the Power of Creativity at Westbank Care Home, Kent!

At Westbank Care Home in Kent, every Thursday afternoon is a celebration of artistic expression at our weekly art club. It’s not just about brushes and colors; it’s a journey of shared memories, creativity, and connection.

Art Unites All Levels of Talent Our art club brings together residents with varying experiences in art – some seasoned artists, others discovering a newfound passion. Together, they embark on a creative odyssey that transcends individual talents to create something truly special.

Honoring Heroes: Armistice Day Tribute In our most recent artistic venture, we united to craft a poignant tribute for Armistice Day. Residents collaborated to fashion a silhouette of two soldiers, and each handcrafted poppy contributed to a wreath of remembrance. This heartfelt project stirred profound conversations, unearthing memories of family members in the armed forces, tales from National Service, and childhood recollections of wartime fears.

Healing Hands through Art Beyond the emotional resonance, our art activities play a crucial role in promoting the well-being of our residents. The therapeutic benefits of painting and drawing extend beyond creativity, offering relief to those with ailments such as arthritis or other movement-related issues in the hand and arm. Engaging in these activities not only stimulates the mind but also brings joy to the heart.

Creating a Home, One Stroke at a Time The artworks created at Westbank don’t just adorn our walls; they become a testament to the vibrant life within our care home. Each stroke tells a story, and every creation reflects the unique spirit of our residents.

Join us at Westbank Care Home, where creativity knows no age and every brushstroke is a step towards brighter, more connected days. Together, we’re not just making art; we’re crafting moments that linger in the heart.

Experience the magic of art at Westbank Care Home – where every masterpiece is a shared triumph!

Our Values

Aurem Care homes are all about people caring about people, we believe our care homes should be happy homes for loved ones.

Where older adults can forge worthwhile, meaningful relationships with our team and make new friends.

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