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Read about our leadership team and about Aurem Care, the company that manages our 12 care homes in the United Kingdom.

Hello and welcome to Aurem Care

Whether you are a potential resident, spouse, son, or daughter, or a primary caregiver, Aurem Care has a dementia and nursing care home that’s right for you.

With 12 locations across the U.K, our care team is ready to help you with the difficult transition of placing an elderly loved one in a care home that’s right for them. You can trust that our care team will provide your loved one with a calm, caring, and relaxing environment and help meet their needs in the best way possible.

At Aurem Care, our core values are simple. We are people caring about people, and our five core values are as follows:

  • We proudly embrace Diversity in all that we do
  • We believe in Integrity, and do the right things with transparency, even when challenged and will learn and grow when things go wrong
  • We like to have Fun and believe we can all make someone’s day
  • We are Committed to developing authentic relationships and providing great care
  • Great care comes from Connecting with our people and the community of which we are part

Our hands-on approach to care home management helps us to build meaningful relationships with not only our staff but also fellow residents.

Our team of highly trained caregivers is what sets us apart. Our aim is to promote independence wherever possible, which is why life with Aurem makes you feel like you are truly at home.

Meet the leadership team at Aurem Care

Aurem Care operates care homes in the United Kingdom. As well as our expert teams who manage and run the individual homes, we have a team that oversees all activities ensuring that all of our homes are run to the highest possible standards. Our management team visit each home regularly so that each home is a safe and secure home from home for you and your loved ones.

  • Leah Marsh

    Managing Director

    With nearly 30 years’ experience of working in social care, Leah started her career as a support worker, progressing into home management, regional management & quality roles working for some of the UK’s largest care providers.

    A passionate leader, Leah received recognition during the Covid pandemic when she was awarded the Lockdown Leader Award at the National Business Women’s Awards and has been subsequently acknowledged with National Awards as a Business Hero and for Corporate Leadership.

    Leah views it as a privilege to care for others, both those who live in our homes & those we work alongside and is committed to providing the highest standards of care both as a care provider and employer.

  • Jemma Heathcote

    Group Head of People

    Jemma has worked In HR for over 20 years across various sectors from Retail, Manufacturing, Finance, Exhibitions and Manufacturing.

    Jemma has worked for SMES, Global Companies and top performing FTSE 100 companies.

    Jemma’s passion is to ensure that we create a great place to work, where people are proud to work for Aurem Care and see the opportunities with us to develop their careers.

    Jemma believes that people are the heart of the business and by creating a great place to work for everyone we can deliver the very best to the people we care for as well as our colleagues.

  • Daryl Martin

    Regional Director (North)

    Daryl Martin brings over two decades of expertise to his role as Regional Director for the North at Aurem, with 21 years in the care sector and 18 as a Registered General Nurse specialising in elderly care. His extensive experience includes significant contributions within the NHS and leading private care providers.

    Daryl’s educational background features a Level 6 qualification in Organisational Leadership and a specialised course in Care of the Elderly from the University of Northumbria, equipping him with a profound understanding of elderly care’s clinical and administrative aspects.

    Operating from the North East of England, Daryl oversees five homes across the North of England and Scotland, focusing on maintaining the highest care standards, regulatory compliance, and exceptional resident experiences. His leadership is defined by a commitment to excellence, efficient resource use, and fostering an environment where quality care and compliance are fundamental.

    Daryl’s approach, rooted in a comprehensive insight into the care sector’s challenges and opportunities, not only drives operational success but significantly enhances residents’ quality of life.

  • Richard Lawson

    Regional Director (South)

    Richard has a wealth of experience in the care sector and joined Aurem Care in January 2023 as the Home Manager of Hailsham House, following the Management of several very successful care homes.

    He has since gone on to join the Senior Leadership Team and took on the role of Regional Director for the South Region in January 2024.

    Richard is passionate about providing excellent care to our residents and ensuring that everything we do for people is done to the highest standard.

  • Christopher Mooney

    Group Head of Estates

    Chris has worked in estates, facilities and projects for nearly 30 years, in various countries around the globe in some very challenging environments.

    The past 7 years working in education, Her Majesty’s Prison service and the mental health sector have been the most rewarding.

    Making a difference in other people’s lives by ensuring the environment they live in is at its highest standard and fit for purpose and meets their needs is everything to Chris.

  • Lewis Semmens

    Business Applications & Digital Infrastructure Manager

    Lewis has been a part of Aurem Care since its inception, supporting with the acquisition of the first two homes in Aurem’s portfolio, and also supporting in the acquisition and integration of all further sites since.

    Lewis oversees and manages our IT and other various systems that we operate in the group, as well as our online presence, with a strong belief that getting this right will help us to support people in the best way possible.

  • Karyn Hillen

    Head of Finance – Operations

    Karyn has over 35 years experience in finance and manages the day to day operations of our finance team.

    She has been with Aurem Care since it’s inception and has provided transitional support to all new acquisitions that have come into the group.

    She has worked in many different industries, but feels that no sector provides a more rewarding and fulfilling career.

  • Chip (Mawson Chipchase)

    Business Development Manager

    Chip is Aurem Care’s Business Development Manager. He has worked in care now in a variety of positions for almost 17 years. He is really passionate about making a difference and supporting older people to find the right place for them to call a new home, and helping their families have peace of mind in their choices.

    He takes pride in supporting our teams to actively engage with the communities around our homes, this ensures that our residents can continue to live fulfilling lives.

  • Carolina Mayer

    Head of Finance – Systems

    Carolina has a decade of experience in leadership roles within the healthcare and retail sectors and has led teams through periods of transition and expansion.

    Over the last few years, Carolina has built upon her experience in system implementation to improve processes and manage the integration of acquisitions.

    Thanks to her mother’s 20+ years career as a nurse, Carolina has a deep appreciation for the significance of delivering high-quality care to patients and their families. She is proud to be working alongside people who are dedicated to make a difference to our residents every day.

  • Our Values

    Aurem Care homes are all about people caring about people, we believe our care homes should be happy homes for loved ones.

    Where older adults can forge worthwhile, meaningful relationships with our team and make new friends.

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